Pinchas Litvinovsky

Pinchas Litvinovsky Novo-Georgiyevsk, Russia 1894 – Israel, 1985 The founder of Bezalel, Boris Schatz, discovered Pinchas Litvinovsky at the Academy of Art in Odessa and impressed by his talent, convinced him to come to Israel to study at the new Bezalel Academy. However, the young institution could not meet the needs of the talented artist and he returned to Russia to study at the Academy of Art in Petrograd before moving to Israel in 1919. Litvinovsky grew up in a religious home and had a deep love for Israel and its inhabitants; he participated in many of the first art exhibitions in the country. Broad brush strokes and complicated color palettes characterize Litvinovsky’s works and make them immediately recognizable. Litvinovsky believed that the honesty of a painting lay in the painter being true to his own path without the influence of the market, movements or trends. Ironically, Litvinovsky is one of the most sought after artists on the art market today.