Kim Tkatch

Kim Tkatch was born in 1963 in Ukraine. He studied Fine Arts at the Kiev Art Institute, graduating in 1988. Although his early works depicted mystical feelings expressed through cryptic patterns and mythical figures, his style gradually changed following his immigration to Israel in the early nineties. Today, his paintings are an enchanting weave of realism that still retain his trademark magical flair. People viewing his still-life works say that they appear to come alive with juxtapositions of architecture, sculpture andMediterranean vistas that are unique to the artist’s personal life experiences. 
There is always a cheeriness and warmth in his interior spaces, and his exteriors are cherished for their sun-filled radiance and colors that are both rich and saturated. His images are romantic and intimate and reflect the intimate understanding of the inherent exuberance found in each of his subjects.