Debbie Kampel



Debbie Kampel was Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, living in Israel since 1974. Majored in Fine Art, History of Art and English at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg receiving a B.A. Completed a M.A Cum Laude at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Studied at Bezalel School of Art under painters Pinhas Cohen-Gan and Michael Kovner; lithography with Dedi Ben-Shaul. A member of the Israel Artists Association. Taught art at Kaye College.

Upcoming exhibitions   Legs, Paris, France; China in the Eyes of Foreign Artists, Yan Huang Art Museum, Beijing

One-Man Shows: 2014 – HaTa’arucha -Chamshushalayim, Jerusalem

        2012    – Al HaGiva Gallery, Meitar

        2011    – Ashkelon City Gallery

        2010    – Exhibition for International Women’s Film Festival, Rehovot       

        2005    -New Gallery, Teddy Stadium, Jerusalem

        2002   – Yeshiva University Museum, New York

                      – Ha-Acheret Gallery, Tel-Aviv

        1999   – ICC Jerusalem Convention Center, Jerusalem

            – Jerusalem Center for the Performing Arts, Jerusalem.

        1998     – Kaye College, Beersheva.

        1996     – Strong Hills, Sara Kishon Gallery, Tel-Aviv.

        1993     – Paintings, Jerusalem Center for the Performing Arts, Jerusalem.

        1990    – Views of Judean Hills, Sara Kishon Gallery, Tel-Aviv.

        1987    – Hills of Jerusalem; Nora Gallery, Jerusalem.

Selected Group Shows

       2016  – Secret Art, Tel-Aviv; China seen by Foreign Artists, HanYuang Museum, Beijing

        2015   – Beijing Biennale, Beijing, China;    Jerusalem Biennale, Israel

        2014   –Fusion, San Diego, America; Citylights, Modi’in, Israel

        2012    – Beijing Biennale, Oct 2012

        2011     – Travelling Art, Valencia,Spain

        2010    – Biennale Mediterranean-Split 2010, Croatia

        2009   – Embracing our Differences, Florida, USA

        2008   – Jerusalem, Surface Fractures, Artists House, Jerusalem

                    –  Olympic Fine Arts, Beijing August 2008

                    –  Beijing Biennale July 2008

                    – Remembered Ministries of Defense and Culture, Herzlia

                    –  Private Spaces, Jerusalem

        2005   – Beijing Biennale, Sep 2005   

        2002   – Views from Here-Israeli Artists, Israel Museum, Jerusalem

        2000 – Aim for Arts International Exhibition, Vancouver, Canada.

        – Landscapes, Artists House, Jerusalem.

        1996    – Triennial Sofia ‘96, Sofia, Bulgaria.

        1995    – Art ‘95, New York.

        1992    – Biennale d’Art Contemporain des Pays Francophones, Senart, France.

            – New Members Exhibition, Artists House, Jerusalem.

        1987    – Jerusalem Observed by Israeli Artists, the Israel Festival Exhibition.

            1986     – ‘Telfed Arts Festival’, Yad Lebanim Museum, Herzliah.



The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

The Yeshiva University Museum, New York

The Olympic Fine Arts Museum, Beijing

The S.A.N. of Senart

The Lehman Collection

The Kula Cultural Institute, Croatia

Private collections in Israel, Australia, Canada, South Africa, the U.S.A. and France

Media Publications:


             2016  Interview on ‘Mabat Sheni’ channel one

2008   Television Series: ‘ Sippur Misgeret’ (Framed Stories): 100 Years of Art in Israel

2005  ‘ Musaf HaMusafim’ arts magazine channel two

2005   Interview on 9.00pm News broadcast channel one

1998   Local  Beersheva Television

1987  Arabic Arts Magazine of ITV


Oct 2011 – Jerusalem Post: Eye of the Beholder

Summer, 2006-  ‘Dimui’ Arts Quarterly

Dec 2005 – World Jewish Digest: Dangerous Art

Summer 2004- Outlook: Beyond the Landscape: Portrait of An Israeli Artist



August 2010- Cyclamens and Swords: online Arts Magazine- featured artist

Hear O Lord-poems, Eliaz Cohen, Toby Publishing2010

Democracy and Criticism, Dr Lea Segal and Ruth Richter, Machon Mofet, 2007

            Women, Peace and Security (Index), Women for Women publishing, 2006