Marina Grigoryan
Dushanbe, Russia, 1963 –

Marina Grigoryan attended art school from 1974 to 1978 before enrolling at the Art Academy in 1978. At the Academy she studied easel painting under the guidance of Professor Nogmat Khakimov and Lyubov Kuzina, senior lecturer in the Drawing and Composition Department.

Upon graduating in 1982, Grigoryan began her career as an artist by embarking on an ambitious ten year period of nearly non-stop participation in group and individual shows where she continued to honor her unique artistic talents. Her exposure to a variety of experiences and people culminated in a desire to experience a complete “life makeover”, which she realized in 1994 by immigrating to Israel.

Grigoyan’s paintings glow with an infusion of light and an amazing use of color that blend together to create an ambiance of almost fairytale magic. Descriptions of her work are marked by words such as “soothing”, “exciting”, “mysterious”, “vibrant” and “alive”.

Grigoryan added sculpture and ceramics to her repertoire until a dehabilitating medical condition tragically cut short her ability to continue to perform as a professional artist. She has seen her art exhibited in Israel, America and Europe.