Aharon Giladi 

Aharon Giladi 1907 – 1993 Aharon Giladi, a well-known and appreciated Israeli artist, was, at the crucial time of his development, a member of Kibbutz Afikim. Kibbutz Afikim is located at a short distance from the southern part of the Sea of Galilee, and the landscapes of this extremely beautiful and unique area are reflected in a subtle but nevertheless unmistakable manner in Giladi’s works. His style can best be described as “minimalistic realism”. A frequently recurring motif in his paintings and drawings is figures of women carrying small children or babies in their bosoms. Sometimes it’s a group of several mothers and children and sometimes it only has one mother and one child. While the softly turning contours leave no room for a doubt about the feminine character of the larger figure, these same lines completely hide from the spectator the gender of the child. Presumably, this is not a coincidence, and the painter wants to tell us that this issue, the gender of the child, is of no importance. Giladi combines in his paintings the techniques of concrete realistic drawing with the techniques of abstract painting. The subject of the painting is made clear and explicit due to the dark colored contour that outlines the figures and separates them from the background. But in parallel to this, we find large, monochromatic abstract spreads of colors, which enable the painter to make general and generalizing statements.