Yehoshua Front

Yehoshua Front immigrated to Israel from Poland in 1957. He graduated Vitzo arts department where he studied under Prof. Yosef Swartzman, a painter of the German school. He trained with several important artists, Avigdor Stimatzky and Moshe Rozentalis, and  held many solo exhibitions in  galleries across Israel. His auto-portrait exhibition curated by the late Adam Baruch at the museum of Israeli art in Ramat-Gan. His work was published on book covers by “Shoken” and “ACHSHAV” publications. Aside from the Tel Aviv subject matter, his affiliation and great love for the city of Jerusalem brought a series of paintings and drawings entitled “the road to Jerusalem”.

Without loosing an inch of his unique artistic personality, Yehoshua Front is part of the great tradition of Expressionism. His portraits whistle the anguish and magic of painting. Front underlies the spiritual and physical groundings of his being. At the same time, the physical and spiritual are not only of Front himself, but of and any Man. His paintings range between realism and moderate abstraction. Bound to familiar everyday sights (The city, his home, food, nature) his drawings and paintings are made with great passion, lustful, almost spontaneous and at the same time are a result of a pre planned sketches.