Edward Ben Avraham

Edward Ben Avram
Bombay, India, 1941
Edward Ben Avram immigrated to Israel from India as a teenager giving him a unique ability to unite the differences between Eastern and Western traditions in his art. He studied at Bezalel school of Art and Design and under the tutelage of Avram Ofek.  Although Ben Avram’s approach is secular, he set up his first studio in the religious neighborhood of Meah She’arim in Jerusalem and his colorful, whimsical works abound with Jewish mysticism and symbolism. The characters he depicts are not creations of a stranger overcome with the exotic. They are figures of people in their own world, harmony between man and his environment, a full life.  Ben Avram currently lives and works in Jerusalem. His artwork can be found in major collections in the United States, Canada, Israel, Panama, Mexico, Brazil, France, England, Switzerland, and Germany.