Ilan Baruch

Ilan Baruch (1974 – )

Ilan Baruch was born in Israel in 1974 and is one of the leading figurative artists in Israeli art.

In 1988 he began his studies at the School of Painting and Sculpture founded by Rabbi AdinSteinzaltz, where he met painter Lillian Klapisch, who was teaching there at the time.

In 1992 Klapisch exhibited his paintings at the “Nidbach” exhibition at the Artists’ House in Jerusalem. His second major solo exhibition – “The Cactus: Introspections” –  was in 2004 at the Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for contemporary art, Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

Baruch’s main preoccupation in the last few years has been with the plants that are synonymous to the Israeli landscape and light. “Light and shade are key players in many of Baruch’s works, infusing the painting with an air of mystery. The bright Mediterranean light marks the country’s geographic location and the distinct bond with the place; at the same time it represents a mystical element anchored in a long visual tradition in the history of art. The shadows filling Baruch’s paintings embody an illusory element. The emergence of the shadow changes in relation to the position of the sun in the sky or the location of the clouds, posing a challenge to the painter attempting to capture the specific moment and convey it on canvas”.