Judith Anis

Born in 1979 in Marseille, I grew up in Cannes, surrounded by the southern france sunlight.
From early childhood I can remember experiencing my first lessons.
Very early, I discovered the dot, soon followed by the stroke and, already I were conquered by colors.
When I was twelve, I entered the Beaux-Arts workshop in Cannes, my first formal dates with art. My lovers’ names were engraving, sculpture, sketching and painting.

I was eighteen, a gust of wind and here I am, attending the Emuna College of Arts in Jerusalem, where I meet the teacher and artist Sasha OKUN. I graduated cum laude. Over time, the teacher becomes my mentor and, more than he was showing me the how of art, I realized that I was learning why. One year in Paris, gave me the opportunity to enhance my technique under artist Bernard JOHNER’s tutoring.
Cézanne used to say: ‘To paint is to think through one’s brush’.
My work aims to unify thought and impulse of the heart in a waltz of colors, to please both eyes and mind.

“Judith Anis is one of the most gifted person I have ever met. She has ability to transform reality to something new and very understandable, a reality in which we can find our past and present. She is both a serious artist and a very light one, in which we can see this famous French touch. Her world is very intelligent, very sensitive and astonishingly independent. Her world is full of grace, beauty and cleverness. As in every good artist, she is unique.”

Sasha okun 

“ She certainly succeeded in representing the passing moment, the fluidity of time and of objects, the endless movement of particles under the sun or in the shade, faithful to the hebrew way, in which everything is in constant evolution, to the hebrew language, in which the present tense does not exist, in which g-d himself tells Moses his name: “I’ll be who I’ll be” in an unforgettable  suggestion that a statue, a frozen object, an idol constitute immobility and dogma- taboo in this fluid and flowing way of thinking…………….

The quality of her technique, the fineness of her sensibility, the magic in the unsaid are amazing. The eyes go astray among the lines, between the leaves, into the absence, which in fact constitutes the very essence of elements, of the matter that will always escape from us, of the electron that may be everywhere all at once.

A secret message passes through all the desert pictures, tied together by a mysterious thread, which expresses the uncertainty of things and their ultimate beauty……..”

 Dr Nadine Shenkar
Writer and teacher at the Bezalel beaux-arts academy, Jerusalem