Yaacov Agam

Yaakov Agam,  
Israel 1928. “Reality is invisible. Everything we see is an illusion.” –Yaakov Agam Yaakov Agam is internationally famous for his contributions to kinetic and optical art. Agam is a prolific artist who works in many media including painting, sculpture, tile, glass, carpet and multimedia. His colorful, geometric style is very distinctive. Agam’s works are always abstract, but not for modernist reasons. He aims to reflect the beauty of God’s world without breaking the commandment “though shalt not make a graven image.” Agam grew up the seventh of nine children in a deeply religious home. Because there was no religious school in his area and his parents were opposed to secular education, Agam was homeschooled and self taught. His parents noticed his aptitude for art at an early age and decided to send him to art school. Agam studied at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem before traveling to Paris and New York where he was exposed to many important contemporary artists and thinkers such as Andre Breton, Max Ernst, Yves Klein and Victor Brauner. In addition to his secular influences, Agam’s art is influenced by religious Jewish philosophy, especially the importance of time and transience.