Oded Feingersh

Oded Feingersh Jerusalem, Israel, 1938 – Oded Feingersh’s work has changed style throughout his career from social realism to surrealism to naturalism. Full of wanderlust, Feingersh draws influences for his work all over the world. He studied art in Paris, Brussels and Madrid after obtaining a degree from Bezalel School of Art and Design in 1963. The artist studied Israel’s geography at the Avshalom Institute when he returned from his sojourns in Europe in the late 1970s. He renewed his love of the land and yearning to highlight its beauty.  Although his earlier work was a dark and critical examination of the human condition Fiengersh’s paintings since the 1980s have focused on Israel’s landscapes in bright optimistic colors and expressionist brush strokes.  He is a renowned artist who has participated in over 85 one man shows. Feingersh was one of the 10+ Group, which encouraged the artist to be more experimental, to use as much materials from all kinds of media and techniques. The group succeeded in introducing considerable freshness into the Israel art scene of the 1960’s.  Feingersh has also written seven archeological tour books; and historical surveys of wine, Jerusalem and Zionism.