Bezalel “Menorah” Carpet

Measures: 2.68X.1.2 (length-width rate: 1:2.23) 
This size rate is originated in Turcoman bags called “torba”  that were used to carry small items, in this case a bread bag.
Warps: Single ply cotton yarn made of many fibers, not dyed.
Wefts: Single, double ply cotton yarn, made of many fibers, not dyed.
Knots: Turkish, no warp depression, wool pile.
Selvedge: 8 shaped selvedge binding on 3 warps.
Color: Brown Yellow and beige are dominant colors, no signs of chemical wash, the color strength on the back of the rug and in the front are very similar. The color along the pile is near in strength.
Design: One menorah in Jugenshtil (Art Nouveau) style with a background of the silhouette of the city of Jerusalem. Two half menorah on each side.
Age: The rug was made between the years 1908-1910 .