Bezalel “Eretz HaTzvi” Carpet

Measures: 2.00 X 1.3
Warps: Single ply cotton yarn made of many fibers, not dyed.
Wefts: Single, double ply cotton yarn, made of many fibers, not dyed.
Knots: Turkish, no warp depression, wool pile.
Signed:  Bezalel Jerusalem.
Date: prior to 1910.
Noticeable Abrash phenomena.
That carpet design is one of the best examples of the conflict professor Schatz has with the Bezalal school German sponsors. The “Germans” were pressing Schatz to produce “Oriental” carpets & to leave the “Idishkite” carpets with all the Jewish symbols, Hebrew idioms. The result was a more international style. In the period before the First World War the situation in the school was relatively stable what left Professor Schatz the freedom to insert Jewish symbols in the carpet frame. The central design is purely an Oriental one with strong north Persian influence.