Camino Sanchez

Julio Camino Sanchez
Trujilli, Peru, 1914 – Lima, Peru, 2007

Was a Peruvian painter, engraver, designer and teacher. He specialize in woodcut and painting. He was awarded the First Prize of Engraving ICPNA 1968 and part of his work is exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art in New York and is part of private collections.

Biography –

Camino Sanchez was born in Trujillo (Peru) in 1914. Sanchez was an autodidact, at the age of twelve he began to draw with watercolors. He also learned on his own the technique of the engraving.

He made ​​his first solo exhibition while still self-taught in the Convent of San Francisco – Trujillo, 1934. That same year he won a scholarship to study at the National Superior School of Fine Arts of Peru and traveled to Lima.

He began his studies in 1936 at the ENBA under the guidance of José Sabogal and Julia Codesido.

He later returned to Trujillo and worked as an illustrator in the newspaper La Industria as in the journal Folklore of the decade of 1940. Later, in 1963, he created the cover of the book Contemporary Woodcut.

Since then he alternated between the capital of Peru and Trujillo. His artistic work focused on painting easel in mural and scenery. As a writer, he made ​​seven color folders in 1946 developing in them the folk art without neglecting the iconography of Peru old.

In addition, he worked as a schoolteacher for 60 years. In the early 1950s, he painted murals in schools Bartolomé Herrera and Ricardo Bentin.

Awards and honors –

Throughout his life, he received many awards and distinctions in several countries. Among them:

  • First Prize at the International Print of Valparaiso – Chile, 1939.
  • First Prize Municipality of Lima, 1942.
  • Silver Medal and Diploma of the Municipality of La Victoria, for his artistic work, 1947.
  • ANEA Gold Medal, 1963.
  • Third Prize Recorded ICPNA, 1967.
  • First Prize of Engraving ICPNA, 1968.
  • Diploma and Medal for his 65 years of teaching and artistic work, Municipality of Lince, 2000.

Exhibitions –

He participated in the Biennial Hall Woodcut in Madrid , 1962 ; in the Biennial of Prints in Tokyo , 1964 – 1965 ; in the VIII Biennial of Engraving in São Paulo , Brazil , 1965 ; at the 7th Biennial of Prints, Santiago – Chile , 1974. Representative of Peru at the International XILON – Tokyo; at the International Exhibition of Engraving in Brussels; in the International Print of Stockholm, 1965; among others.