Inos Corradin

Inos Corradin, 

Vogogna, Italy, 1920.

An internationally known painter, whose paintings hang in collections worldwide.
He currently resides in Brazil, and is considered one of the most sought-after contemporary artists today. After living his childhood and adolescence in Casteldaldo, Padova, Corradin and his family immigrated to Brazil in 1950. His origin from Veneto and cultural roots in the wide fields across the Adige River in Padova, Verona, Mantova and Rovigo, as well as the new sights he gleamed on his arrival in Brazil at the age of 21, had a deep impact on the memories of Corradin.

His experiences and his special look towards life are translated in richness in his masterpieces, in his fantastic creativity and in his playful artistic communication with the world and people.

His first individual exhibition occurred in the Oxumaré Galley in Bahia, in 1953. Since then Corradin has had many other exhibitions in Brazil as well as in New York, Buenos Aires, Italy, Canada, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Israel, France, Uruguay, Holland and others. His trajectory these past 60 years places him among the great Brazilian artists.